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Coeur d'CotA

"The Heart of Apostles"

To assist in the transition to our new space, Fr Chip taught a series to emphasized core values of CotA that will not change simply because we've changed space. 

Audio of Class One: Introduction

Audio of Class Two: Grace vs Legalism 

Our Adult Education program has one goal: That we might grow more and more into the image of Christ as individuals and as Christ’s body, the Church. To that end we provide a variety of classes and opportunities taught by gifted teachers. 


Apostles 101 Inquirer's Class

March 5 - May 28

Room 107 — Taught by our clergy, here you will get answers to questions that newcomers typically ask as we delve into what makes us unique: the sacraments, liturgy and history. We’ll also address basic theological issues with the help of Simply Christian, by Bishop NT Wright. Finally, we’ll talk about how you can use your spiritual gifts to serve our parish family. Upon completion of the class, anyone who would like to sign a Membership Covenant is invited to do so.

CotA Talks

January 8 - May 28
As you enjoy a cup of coffee and catch up with folks, join Dean Edgar, Canon Pucik, and other CotA Friends, for a brief, stimulating thought. Each week of the month has a different theme: the first Sunday is a book review. On the second Sunday, we hear a testimony from a parishioner about how they understand their vocation in light of God’s work in their life. The third Sunday is called “Life @ CotA,” a look at something important happening in our common life. The fourth Sunday is “Glorious Companions,” an introduction to the life and writing of a famous Anglican. If there is a fifth Sunday in a month, we have “Freewheelin’ with the Dean,” a chance to ask the Dean any question you’d like to know more about.
These talks are intended to generate interest and inspire your own further pursuit in a variety of topics that impact our lives as disciples of Jesus. From time to time, special guests will be invited to share about the ministry that God has given them.