Who we are as a parish

Church of the Apostles is a newer church in Columbia, planted in 2004 as God stirred the hearts of a handful of people who desired to come under the leadership of the Anglican Mission in America. In just a few short and busy years, God has grown Apostles into an established, thriving parish.

Situated in downtown Columbia, Church of the Apostles meets Sunday mornings at 1520 Bull Street. Our Sunday morning services offer Sunday School sessions for all ages in addition to our Eucharistic service. Childcare is offered in our specially designed children's area downstairs.

As a parish, Apostles seeks to be:

Missional: proclaiming the good news of Christ in word and deed;

Liturgical: ordering our common worship and our parish activities around the liturgy;

Sacramental: recognizing the mystery of God's real presence in our midst, particularly in the weekly celebration of the Lord's Supper;

Evangelical: placing ourselves under the authority of Holy Scripture, confessing Christ as he is found therein, and acknowledging the continuing presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

Every ten weeks we begin a five-week course called Apostles 101, which further describes Apostles as a parish. Please consider joining us for these courses, and feel free to call our offices (at 803.256.0545) with any questions you may have about Church of the Apostles Columbia. Of course, the best way to find out about us is to come join us on a Sunday morning; we would love to have you worshiping God with us. Our worship times can we found on our Parish Calendar


If you would like a copy of our bylaws or Vestry meeting minutes, please e-mail your request to info@apostlescolumbia.org.