What we're doing for parish events

Church Chili Challenge

Each new liturgical season brings with it a shift in the emphasis of our parish-wide events at Church of the Apostles. We aim to reflect the specific themes of a given season while also adopting the posture or atmosphere the season promotes. Below is a succinct list of what each season emphasizes and the posture we take during it.

Parish Calendar 

Liturgical Season


Season’s emphasis regarding God

Season’s emphasis regarding us

Our posture during this season


4 weeks

God is Light, King, and Judge.

Let us watch, prepare, and hope for his return.



12 days

God dwells with mankind, shining light into darkness.

Let us rejoice as his children and show forth his light in our lives.



5-10 weeks

God is freedom from sin for the whole world.

Let us faithfully answer the call to be and to make disciples.

Learning and Action


(and Holy Week)

40 days (Sundays are not counted in the 40 days of Lent)

God is mercy and forgiveness, strength and nourishment.

Let us humbly repent and find in him victory over temptation and sin.



50 days

God is life, triumphant over death.

Let us partake of new life now and life eternal hereafter.



24-29 weeks 


God forever remains with and within his people, reaching through them to the ends of the earth.

Let us walk in love for the lost, for our neighbor, and for one another by the power of his Spirit, proclaiming the gospel in word and deed. 

Learning and Action



We know how easy it is to overemphasize or neglect a particular component of the Christian faith.  The constant rotation of the seasons guards us in this regard.  By letting the seasons guide our calendar as a parish, we hope to grow into more whole disciples of Christ.