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Christian Education
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Family Ministries

Family Ministries is the over-arching ministry to Apostles families, encompassing nursery through college ministry.


COTA Family Ministries exists to partner with families in knowing, experiencing, and growing in the faith of Jesus Christ.


1  Teach and model the Gospel.
2  Focus on discipleship (cultivating Godly principles and individual giftings).
3  Encourage a healthy personal spiritual life.
4  Emphasize being missional-minded.
5  Ensure a safe, nurturing environment based on open communication and an attitude of respect and obedience.
6  Develop relational, question friendly fellowship.


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What we're doing to minister

Apostles works to deepen the maturity of the saints while adding to their number and engaging the world as his disciples.  God's call on our lives pertains to the far reaches of the world as well as our local community, and he also calls us to love and support each other within the church.  Below is a sampling of some of the ways we seek to answer this call at Church of the Apostles.

World Ministry

Community Ministry

Parish Ministry

Thanks for taking the time to learn how Church of the Apostles seeks to minister to the world, to our community and within our own parish.  If you are interested in getting involved in or would like any further information about our ministries, please contact any of our clergy.