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Family Ministries

Family Ministries is the over-arching ministry to Apostles families, encompassing nursery through college ministry.


COTA Family Ministries exists to partner with families in knowing, experiencing, and growing in the faith of Jesus Christ.


1  Teach and model the Gospel.
2  Focus on discipleship (cultivating Godly principles and individual giftings).
3  Encourage a healthy personal spiritual life.
4  Emphasize being missional-minded.
5  Ensure a safe, nurturing environment based on open communication and an attitude of respect and obedience.
6  Develop relational, question friendly fellowship.



We encourage students and their families to experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ, cultivate holistic disciples of Christ, and create a community of young believers.

If you are interested in recieving weekly emails or you have questions about CotA Youth, please email Eric Geissbert at